The Hidden Cameras

November 9, 2009

The Hidden Cameras

Harder to find since Waldo.

You guys should check out the recently released record Origin:Orphan by The Hidden Cameras. It’s mad good stuff. You can also check them out here.


9 Responses to “The Hidden Cameras”

  1. Dave Meslin said

    hard to find? we’re on a 32 show tour!! Coming to a city near you. haha. Thanks for the positive review.

    : )

  2. Dave Meslin said

    what city are you in? gonna come to a show? we’re in atlanta tonight, heading south from here, then across the states, through texas, then california, then up to BC through portland and seattle, then across the cdn prairies, then back to Chicago and Mineapolis, then back home!

    I like drawing!

  3. Dave Meslin said

    oops. i meant to write “I like the drawing”.

    (although I do like drawing too. but that’s not what I was trying to say…)

  4. Dave Meslin said

    cool. we’re back in TO in a few weeks, playing a fun show at the Opera House with Gentleman Reg!

    Hope to see you there!

    ~ dave

  5. DOPE! Clicked on “Attending”
    I’ll catch ya then. Hopefully you’ll remember my name haha, or “the dude who does the whiteboard schtuff”

    Anyway, good luck with your tour man!

    Brian Vendiola.

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